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Created on 2013-11-16 18:46:22 (#2118292), last updated 2015-10-02 (102 weeks ago)

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Name:Est Admin
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
This journal is part of the RPG [community profile] establishment.

All administrative announcements will be made here.

Whatever appears here is the definitive policy/guideline.

If something is not covered here, please contact admin at (Jack) and (Evaine)

The fictional BDSM club/organization known as "The Establishment" is an original creation of Ruth Gifford (the creator). The RPG [community profile] establishment exists in a universe entirely separate from those of Paper Umbrella, Metropolis, Paradise and any other RPG. Permission has not been granted by the creator to any other RPG for use of the organization, its subsidiaries, properties, rules, regulations or practices in any game, except in sockpuppet journal entries and logs which were created when said sockpuppet was associated with the RPG [community profile] establishment. Any reference made to an Establishment club or organization in any other RPG is not accepted by the creator, administrators and/or players of the RPG [community profile] establishment as referring to their club/organization, and as such, has absolutely no bearing on anything in the RPG [community profile] establishment universe, including the club/organization and its members. The creator, administrators and players of the RPG [community profile] establishment do not accept that any reference made to an Establishment club or organization, or any club/organization based upon "The Establishment" club or organization, reflects the true nature, policies and/or practices of the Establishment club/organization as portrayed in the RPG [community profile] establishment.
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